A New Generation
Of Blockchain Game Incentive Platform

An open, friendly, public and transparent value-based ecological application platform is created to promote the assetization of digital game centent

Core value of MGCC

MGCC is an incentive decentralized game system. It is not only a platform that protects user asset security and emphasizes sharing, but also a product that serves all users.

In the MGCC platform, the following core values will be thoroughly implemented:

  • Open and transparent to ensure data security
  • Game developers and players have ultimate ownership of virtual assets
  • Players on all platforms will receive quantifiable benefits
  • The platform's incentives guarantee fairness and justice
  • A series of activities such as online games, buying and selling of goods and props will be calculated for obtained rewards based on the user's participation, relevant rules and formulas

Economic System of Platform

MGCC is the value proof of the platform, and all the values of the MGCC platform will be integrated into MGCC.MGCC will build a new experience of the blockchain game community by building a simple and efficient ecological incentive mechanism, it is dedicated to becoming a co-construction and co-prosperity community of “ Each produces what he is good at and each takes what he needs”, and everyone is both a producer and a consumer.

Problems solved by MGCC

It takes a lot of energy and time to develop games, but it is difficult to get a relatively equal return
Even if the new game is finally launched online, the beginning of production to income for game makers can generally reach 1-3 years, during which the income cannot be guaranteed.
Costs paid by players are too high, Indirectly leads to rampant piracy and too little income for producers
The game's in-app purchase income and even advertising income for players are separately counted as 5:5 share.The final producer's income may be less than a quarter of what the player paid.
Game publishers are increasingly showing a trend of centralized development
The issuance and transaction of game content are highly centralized and controlled by a few major brokerage companies and issuing companies, only a few artists have access to sufficient market opportunities.
The islanding phenomenon of game communities is serious, and player participation experience is poor
We are well aware that when players invest a lot of costs in one game and want to change to other games, most of the original assets can only be dealt with at a low price, which will cause a lot of losses to players.

Technical objective

High security, high confidentiality and high availability
Multiple-chain deployment distributed storage system with high security, high confidentiality and high availability
IPFS network protocol integration technology
Integration of P2P network, DHT distributed hash table, multiple-chain incentive mechanism IPFS network protocol integration technology
Strengthened asset authority system
Blockchain technology, using a number of asymmetric encryption technology, to ensure the security of digital assets in an all-round way
on-chain wallet and blockchain browser of multiple assets
Support on-chain wallet and blockchain browser of multiple assets

Function and value of Token

Every MGCC has its sacred mission and infinite value.
Community governance voting
MGCC’s major business decisions are all determined by MGCC holders' voting on the public chain, and all major decisions can only be passed with more than 50% of the vote.
Income dividend
MGCC platform will repurchase MGCC with 50% of the net profit of the MGCC platform every quarter, and will be publicly destroyed to reduce the total amount of tokens.
Use value
Game players and developers can use MGCC to pay for resource consumption in the community and exchange for value-added services of the platform, big data analysis service.
Investment value
Investors can hold or use MGCC to purchase game copyrights, participate in crowd-funding initiated by game developers, and earn profit sharing from game.

Distribution ratio of Token

The ways to obtain MGCC

Value creation

Includes the contribution of creating digital assets.

Contribution rewards of platform

the users who contribute to the MGCC community can get MGCC.

Asset circulation

Sell the props acquired in the game to obtain MGCC.

Behavior incentives

A variety of effective behaviors in the MGCC platform.

Development Plan


Founder, CEO

Blockchain investor, serial entrepreneur

8 years of experience in the game industry

Co-founder, CTO

MGCC Chief Technical Architect with strong resourceintegration ability

More than 5 years work experience in R&D of blockchain project

Chief Brand Officer

Responsible for strategic management and operation of MGCC brand

Has worked on the brand management in many multinational companies

Business Director

Responsible for all external business affairs of MGCC

7 years of business service experience in brand and blockchain companies


Chief Brand Officer, responsible for strategic management and operation

More than 4 years of experience in game community management